Program Benefits

Month To Month Contract $73 or $106/month

  •  One 60-minute massage per month ($89 value) or one 90-minute massage per month ($124 value)
  •  Membership prices for all additional massages
  •  Upgrade to 90 minutes for an additional $35.00 ($124 value)
  •  10% off doTerra essential oils
  •  Membership prices for Family & Friends (limit 2 every 6 months)
  •  Auto Charged monthly
  •  Cancel with one month’s notice

Massage Packs

 Enjoy more de-stressing for less with these fantastic offers:

 60-Minute Massage 5 Pack- $387.50 ($77.50 Each)
 60-Minute Massage 10 Pack- $737.50 ($73.75 Each
 90-Minute Massage 5 Pack- $536.00 ($107.20 Each)
 90-Minute Massage 10 Pack- $1,018.00 ($101.80 Each)

The regular pricing for massage is $89 for a 1-hour massage and $124 for a 1.5-hr massage (good for all therapists on staff). These packs do not expire, and you can use them as often as massage availability allows.

While the massage packs aren’t meant to be shared, if you wanted to share with an immediate family member (e.g. spouse, child or parent), we can make a few exceptions with the massages depending on which pack is purchased.

The massage packs also make great gifts for yourself or others!