Your First Visit

Your initial chiropractic appointment is about 30-45 minutes long. It involves a thorough examination that includes a postural analysis. The goal is to figure out what you can benefit from the most, depending on your particular situation.

You’ll sit down with Dr. Halvorson to discuss your health history and he’ll do a thorough examination. You’ll receive a full explanation of what Dr. Halvorson has pinpointed as the cause of your concerns, then provide your first chiropractic adjustment.

You will also be informed as to how long you will continue care and how often Dr. Halvorson recommends that you get adjusted. He may also discuss things you can do at home, such as applying heat and doing stretches or exercises.

Please arrive about 10 minutes early to check in or 30 minutes early if you intend to complete your paperwork in-office. Please be sure you bring in your insurance card and ID.

Subsequent Visits

When you return, you’ll meet with Dr. Halvorson, discuss how you’ve been feeling and have your adjustment, as well as any additional services such as BrainTap or Functional Medicine and any needed therapies, such as ultrasound or electric muscle stimulation.

The decision to continue care is always up to you. Many of our patients choose to come back once a month, every three months or every six months depending on how well they feel in between their visits. Your need for care depends on your body and what you feel is best for you.

How Often Should You See a Chiropractor?

You see a dentist twice a year to make sure your teeth are in good shape. You don’t wait until a problem shows up to go to your dental appointments. You visit a chiropractor because you have a spine, which can never be replaced if it’s damaged.